80% of our sugar sales is Birch Sugar


... which is extracted from the bark of the birch.
As soon as the birch has reached a certain age, the bark of the birch can be peeled off the tree. Compared to humans this process is similar to taking a blood sample, which is usually no problem for any adult person. For children however, due to their less developed immune- and recycling system this would not be possible.

The chemical name for birch sugar is „Xylit“, which verifyably has a lot of positive attributes. For example: It raises the blood sugar level only slightly which makes birch sugar suitable for diabetics.

The body „metabolizes“ it just like it's own substances produced naturally within the body, which means that the body knows when it's limit is reached and unnecessary Xylit is being discharged from the body. With higher dosages this may lead to diarrhea, which does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage.

Studies have shown that Xylit also conserves teeth and is helpful in caring for primary teeth as well as regular teeth.
Birch sugar tastes almost like regular sugar and since birch sugar is also available as icing sugar it is suitable for baking as well. This is the advantage of birch sugar over our green NATURAL Stevia, for example.